At JMA, we are committed to providing the Montessori learning style that builds the foundation of life-long motivated learners. Our mission is to nurture the love of learning and compassion in every child. 
JMA's Mission is to  nurture the love of learning & compassion in every child.
This shapes everything we do at JMA.

​​JMA Goals
At JMA, we want to provide a rigorous standards-based curriculum while employing the Montessori concrete to abstract approach. It is important to prepare an environment that promotes a child’s natural ability to become a self-directed learner. We strive to build strong teacher-child and teacher-parent relationships.  JMA educates our children in resolving conflicts in peaceful ways to ensure a positive learning environment. For students to reach their maximum educational goals, we create unique learning paths for each student by offering time and space to learn concepts, practice them, and apply their new knowledge.
With the implement of Common Core in the public school, it is important to develop independent, flexible thinkers who are capable of solving complex problems.