Swaddlers: 0-6 Months

Our Infant and Swaddler Program (and their parents) set the tone in our infant room. Each child is on their own schedule. We are as flexible as possible so that each child feels safe and comfortable. Our goal is, not only the best care for our infants, but to start socialization to allow the progression to the next level of learning. In our infant room, you will find teachers singing to children, introducing them to colors, different sounds, and showing them how to interact with their peers.

Infants: 6-12 Months

Waddlers: 12-18 Months

Our Waddler and Toddler Program starts the introduction of the Montessori Method in their learning environment. They transition out of cribs and sippy cups and begin napping on nap mats and using an appropriate cup for their age.
The Waddlers start a more structured schedule while the Toddler classroom is one environment that is separated by levels of learning. The younger Toddlers focus on learning basic concepts as: how to be a good citizen, staying within a learning area, maintaining an organized space and basic self-care skills.
The older Toddlers are preparing to transition into our Pre-school program. We start to focus more on independent lessons while learning to stay within a work area. We concentrate on potty-training and begin to learn letters, shapes, and colors to facilitate their transition. into our Pre-school program.

Toddlers: 18-36 Months

Pre-School: 3 - 4 years

Our Pre-school / Pre-K program allows our children flexibility and independence to discover the learning environment within set limits. We believe in the Montessori Method fused with the public school requirements. We focus on ensuring that our students know their letters/letter sounds, numbers, shapes, colors, and how to be a good citizen along with good manners. In following the Montessori Method the students choose when and how to learn the different concepts through a well prepared environment while the teacher’s role is to be the facilitator.

4 - 5 years