Enrollment and General Information
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Enrollment Visit and Tour

At JMA, we want parents to come in for an enrollment visit with their child/children. During the visit, we discuss the program, answer any questions that you may have, receive a tour of the facility, and get the enrollment information. We strive to make your family feel at home and make the transition into JMA an easy one. ​​

Enrollment Fee and Tuition

During your enrollment visit, the enrollment fee and monthly tuition will be covered. At that time, payment arrangements will be set up. The enrollment fee is due whe you turn in the registration forms.

The enrollment fee and tuition helps cover the essentials at JMA. It helps provide our school with the best teachers, lessons and supplies, nap mats, breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks each day. 

Tuition is drafted on the 25th of each month. Parents have the option to choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly draft. If the 25th falls on the weekend or a holiday, it will be the Friday before the 25th. If the tuition is not paid by the 30th and no arrangements have been made, your child may not be allowed back at the facility. 

Normal tuition rates are due regardless of student absences or days that we are closed for holidays. 

Waiting Lists

Once you and your child have visited JMA, we will place your child on the appropriate classroom waiting list, if there is no availability at the time. When there is availability, you will be contacted by phone and given the opportunity to accept enrollment. You will have one business day to accept.

General Information

JMA wants to ensure that we provide the safest environment for your child. In order to take a child from the JMA, it has to be permissible by the parent/guardian. Only people listed in the registration information will be able to take the child from the JMA. Until staff is familiar with the pick-up person, identification will be required at pick-up. This is for the protection of the children, parents and staff. If someone, other than who is on the pick-up list, is needing to pick up a child, the parent/guardian who enrolled the child will have to add them to the list. This can not be done over the phone. 

Meal menus are located in the lobby on the parent center board. They are also posted in each classroom. You may request a copy of the lunch menu if you would like to take one home. All meals are fully prepared on-site in our fully equipped kitchen.

Please no breakfast brought in after 8:15 am. Please do not bring sippy cups. We provide sippy cups for snacks, meals, and water breaks. 

JMA loves to celebrate Birthdays and special occasions. We encourage parents to bring special snacks and/or decorations. These items will need to be bought from a store, deli, or bakery. We ask that there be no balloons brought in, as they can be a chocking hazard for children. Also, please notify your child's teacher when you will be bringing a special snack so they can make arrangements for the classroom. Please keep in mind that we are NUT FREE and some children do have allergies.

JMA offers parental involvement activities throughout the year. Watch newsletters for holiday parties, special family events, and teacher classroom activities. WE LOVE OUR PARENTS TO VOLUNTEER!!! From assissting teachers for special events, reading to a class, bringing a unique lesson or simply providing food for holiday parties, we encourage you to become involved in your child's learning experiences.